What Can Hedgehogs Not Eat?

What can Hedgehogs not Eat?

Many people love to have a pet animal in their home and they always keep pets as their best companion and spend most of time with them and share all their quality time with their pet. Having a pet is always an awesome feeling for people to enjoy their life filled with full of happiness. When it comes to pets, people have plenty of options in choosing pet for them in maximum often people go with either dogs, kitties, puppies, rabbits, parrots, squirrels, birds and many more. Although there are several options available currently people have more interest in having hedgehog and they are small creatures that are with unique appearance and with special characteristics too. These special small creatures can be weird as pet but in reality they are more lovable and have more care with their owners.

On the other hand, some people would have an interest in having hedgehogs as their pets but often they end up with failure thinking about their care taking works. It is because as hedgehogs are small little creature which needs a special care and keen observation. Thus if you are capable of providing keen observation and care to your pet and be ready to spend a lot of hours with them then the hedgehogs remains to be a better choice for you.

Is there any food diet for hedgehog?

Is there any food diet for hedgehog?

Although hedgehogs are small creatures they always need more affection and care from their owners. However, similar to other pet only care alone is not sufficient for hedgehogs but also people need to look after their diet control also. Many people would mistake that hedgehogs are capable of having all types of foods that is in taken by other pet animals. But in real hedgehogs are small creature animal and have only little digestive system that can digest only certain hedgehog food. Moreover the hedgehogs do sustain their life with high nutritional food so it is also necessary to provide them with high nutrition content foods. Thus this food diet remains to be essential one for hedgehog’s life so it is mandatory to have control on it.

What foods can be served to hedgehog pets?

What foods can be served to hedgehog pets?

Most of the people feed their hedgehogs what they eating, but when it comes to pets those foods are not good for their health. In fact, your pets characteristic is mainly depends on what you feed them to make clear enough here are some hedgehog foods listed below.

  • Allium vegetables like onion, garlic
  • Potatoes
  • Pineapples
  • Chocolate
  • Avocados
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Citrus fruits
  • Insects from fishing shops or wild found
  • Meat
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Mushrooms
  • Nuts and seeds

Milk and dairy products

All above list foods are strictly not recommended for your hedgehogs pets as it is not safe for your pets health and may also results with some health issues.

Reasons not to have these food items:

There are several foods available which are not recommended for hedgehogs pets to have however it is people’s mentality to search for deep reasons why those foods are not suitable for your pets. To make clear enough here are reasons explained below why the above listed foods are not recommended for your pet food diet.

Allium Vegetables onion, garlic:

Allium Vegetables onion, garlic

Allium vegetables are served all over the world as a great cuisine and as great toppings that makes the food rich in taste and aroma. Mostly these allium vegetables would nicely zinc with all regular vegetables. All these may be sounds good to humans but when it comes to hedgehogs pets they are toxic to have. Mostly onion and garlic are strictly not for your pets because it may lead to blood disorders.


Many social sites can recommend to feed your hedgehogs pets with avocados but in real facts the avocados is terrible poison to your pets which may make them sick and even to death. Because avocados are rich in fat content that is not good for your pets.



In general, chocolate is a mood swing it is mainly because of the caffeine and the bromine ingredients. When humans have chocolate it lifts their mood up and provide high energy but it definitely not a good one for your hedgehogs. Some ingredients like sugar and flavors contain maximum fat content that cannot be digested by small creatures like hedgehogs.

Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, lime and many other fruits in citrus family should not be served to your hedgehogs as they contain acids in natural. The hedgehog’s pets are sensitive to acid contents when they consume high acidic content fruits. Then there are more chances for them to get affected with kidney or liver failure or stomach upset.

Grapes and raisins:

Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins always contains a spot of alcohol content were alcohol is highly toxic to your hedgehog pets. So you should not serve grapes and raisins in any form either as fruits or as wine or grape juice all these are toxic to hedgehogs or become poisonous to them.

Insects from fishing shops or wild found:

Hedgehogs love to have insects but at the same time it is also necessary to avoid insect bought from any fishing or bait shops or simply not to feed with insects found in garden. All these actions remains toxic to your pets as most of the insects spread bacteria, disease and parasites so it is always better to go with a safer choice.



It is not recommended to serve you hedgehog pets with canned, fried, processed, raw or seasoned meat contents. Rather you can serve your pet with lean and cooked meat either beef or chicken or turkey or lamb. But at the same time it is also necessary to look that no sauces, spicing agents or seasoning agents and toppings are added to the meat. Minced meat remains as a best treat for your hedgehogs pets.

Likewise, dairy products, potatoes, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, pineapples are rich in fats, citric acids and nutrition content so all these remains toxic to your pets and recommended not to serve to your pets.

How to Put Muscle on a Horse?

How to put muscle on a horse?

As a rider, if you want to put your horse in a competition, then you should make sure that their performance level is high. You must try to build up their muscles, in case of lacking endurance as well as the condition that is required by the horse. The lack of specific good conditions would have certain reasons such as it might be a period of time or experienced pregnancy and might have lost the muscle tone. The horse may be recently bought from the owner who did not provide the required exercise as well as physical activity. This can also be taken as one of the reasons. The list will be continuing when you try to find the exact reason for muscle loss and weakness.

Though the reasons might be anything, the owners would only try to get their equines in better shape. This can be easily achieved by the best way through proper dieting, sufficient protein supplement and exercising.

Supplement of amino acids

Supplement of amino acids 

The amino acid supplement must be consistent in an appropriate manner. As you all know that the amino acids are the structural component of the protein. These proteins are the building block of the body and body muscles. Amino acids are the main foundation that would surely help your horse to build up the muscle tissue. A horse should have the necessary amino acid in its food supplement for a successful building of its muscles. It is finalized after research that there are nearly 22 amino acids that are responsible for the protein production out of which only 12 are capable to be synthesized by the horse´s body.

The only way to get the other 10 amino acids is through food intake. These amino acids are known as essential amino acids. These 12 amino acids will work collectively to form a chain that would synthesis protein which would obviously lead to the formation of new muscles. You should try to remember that muscle production cannot be initiated with the absence of the collective essential amino acids. Without these essential amino acids, even the chains would be missing as well as proteins. So it is much important to provide the vital nutrients to your horse for gaining the muscles. Here is the best horse joint supplement and you can click here to read more.

Training and Exercising Tips

Training and Exercising Tips

Regular training is an essential key portion of building tissue’s new growth. In the same idea that bodybuilders work out at the gym to improve their muscles, owners need to perform a regular workout along with their horses. Physical exercise and physical works along with the essential amino acid supplements are required to build new muscle even from the cellular level. If a horse exercises, then the exertion would cause some of his muscle protein to break down. On breaking down the muscle, the body of a horse would try to replace it by provoking the formation of new muscle with the help of best horse joint supplement.

Here is the recommendation of several exercises that the horse owners can perform for strengthening their horses.

  • You can regularly walk your horses up a hill. You can simply begin with a small step and then advance to higher steep inclinations with time. This elaborates the horse’s posterior and maintains its canter activity.
  • You can regularly trot them downhill which increases strength in the back legs. You must begin at an average rate and then slow down significantly because the control momentum would add layers of intense nature.
  • We can also make them do jumping activities. Make your horses jump repeatedly over things on a flat surface then increase the height with time. This would work a substantial number of muscles.
  • You must practice your horse to weave around trees. This would help them to increase as well as to improve flexibility. After weaving for few scheduled days you would notice an improvement in all-around performance.
  • The important step is to trot them alongside riverbeds. The Sand and soil would offer resistance force that would enable a larger part of work out in the leg muscles of your horse. This exercise would widely help to increase the endurance of your horse body.